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Nordon Cylinders is committed to the continuation of a healthy manufacturing industry in Australia. Queensland's manufacturing industry is one of the State's largest employers and is integral in supporting the mining, resource and construction industries which contributes so much to the State's economy. According to recent research, for every job in manufacturing it supports and creates a further three jobs in related industries. 


REA Foundation F1 Program

In a way of giving back to the community and to help encourage our youth to get passionate and involved in engineering and machining, Nordon Cylinders supports the initiatives of the Re-Engineering Australia (REA) Foundation's F1 Program. The Program is the worlds second largest technology program that involves over nine million students from 17,000 schools in 31 nations. Nordon sponsors students from our local Moreton Bay high school's who have collectively over the years had great success in local, national and international championships.

REA's goal is to equip students with the skills and knowledge to allow them to participate in engineering within industry environements and explore international opportunities. Researched results confirm that REA Foundation's applied learning programs have a significant impact on the career motivations of students. To learn more about the REA programs in schools please visit their website



QMI Apprenticeship Awards

Every year, the Queensland Manufacturing Industry (QMI) recognises those companies, induviduals and trainers that do so much to ensure that manufacturing remains committed to the continuing development and growth of the sector through it's people. Nordon is proud of the level of skill and dedication of our apprentices and celebrates the recognition they receive from the industry and QMI.