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NA Series: Standard Cylinders

Conforming the ASAE Standard, Nordon manufactures and stocks standard cylinders on site. These cylinders are designed and manufactured to survive harsh conditions and retain a longer cycle life. Built for performance and durability, the large range of standards available ensures clients the most cost effective options.

NA Series Catalogue 2015


NI Series: Industrial Cylinders

Nordon provides the industry leading NI Industrial range of cylinders - the first and still the only roundline cylinder manufactured in Australia. This range is the only industrial cylinder product that offers a complete range of standard mounting and accessories to provide clients with limitless range options. Featuring high 350 grade steel castings and machined steel mountings which are held in stock, the NI range offers designers a standard product to incorporate within their designs.

NI Series Catalogue 2010


Phasing Cylinders: NAP, NHP and NIP Series:

 Phasing Catalogue 2012 

Optional Configurations and Accessories

Accessories Catalogue 2010