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NA Series: Standard Cylinders

Generally conforming to the ASAE Standard, Nordon manufactures and stocks standard cylinders.. These cylinders are designed and manufactured to survive harsh conditions and retain a longer cycle life. Built for performance and durability, the large range of standards available ensures clients the most cost effective options.

Available Specification RangeNordon NA Cylinder Rendered

Bore: 1.5" to 5" (in 1/2" increments)

Stroke: 4" to 48"

Pressure: 200 bar

Speed: 0.25 mtr per sec

Gland: Internal thread

Mounts: Female Clevis 


NI Series: Industrial Cylinders

Nordon provides the industry leading NI Industrial range of cylinders.

Nordon stocks a complete range of 350 grade cast, machined steel mounts and accessories providing engineers with extensive and flexible configuration options.


Available Specification RangeNordon NI Cylinder Rendered

Bore: 1.5" to 10" 

Stroke: to 5 metres and beyond

Design Pressure: 200 bar

Speed: 0.25 mtr per sec

Factor of Safety: Yield 3:1 at 200 bar

Gland: Internal thread

Mounts: Female clevis, pin eye, sphereical bearing, male lug, trunnion, NFPA style rectangular flange

Other specifications on consultation


NAP Series: Phasing Cylinders

Medium Duty Cylinder


Available Specification Range

Bore: 3" to 5" in 1/4 increments

Stroke: 8", 12" 16" and 18"

Maximum Differential Piston Pressure: 160 bar

Maximum Pressure: 200 bar

Minimum System Flow: 20 ltr/min

Speed: 0.125 meter / second

Depth Stop: for 3.5" to 5" bores

Mounts: female clevis (both end)






U N O Straight Ports 9/16” to 1.1/16” + U N O Elbow Ports 9/16” to 7/8”
BSPP Straight Ports ¼” to 1.1/4” + BSPP Elbow Ports 3/8” & ½”


Valve Mounts

Single & Double Pilot operated Check & Counterbalance Valve Configurations
V1 to V4 fitted to cylinders
Valve Blocks
Internally Mounted Single & Double Valve Cavities Overview



Standard Rotating Pins
Standard Fixed Pins



1.1/8” x ¾” Thr/Bush
1.5’ x 1.1/8”Thr/Bush
2” x 1.5” Thr / Bush


D Glides

D Glide is a specialised bushing and wear strip material developed and manufactured in the Netherlands. D Glidfe Bushes contain core ingredients that provides suitable applications that have a very high load carry capacity, they are self lubricating with a low co-efficient of friction and are able to withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees. These bushings are most suitable for applications where you require a maintenance free bushing material that is capable of withstanding high loads including shock loads and misalignement, whilst being resistant to contaminations and chemicals.

Introducting D Glides 

D Glide Material Fact Sheet


D Glide Bushing Options:

  • D Glide spherical bushes
  • D Glide non-spherical bushes
  • D Glide neck bushes


Available Specification Range

  • Imperial to Imperial
  • Imperial to Metric
  • Sph/Brg 20 mm to 60mm